Lucy Jennings

British / 20 / Topman

Graphic & Media Design student from Essex currently studying BA at the London College of Communication / University of the Arts London.


Feeling Blue

I haven’t felt very inspired recently.


I’ve spent a lot of the first half of this year stippling, now I’m trying to get myself back into some softer shading.

Love your work. What are your rates for prints?

A question by Anonymous

Thank you! I don’t actually sell prints at the minute, but it’s something I’d definitely consider doing in the future once I develop as a designer a bit more.

hey, i just wanna say that you're a really nice artist! keep it up! you have good works and it is nice to look at them :)

A question by Anonymous

Thank you so much! This made my day :)

Hey, I've been following your blog for a whole and I really think your work is great! I'm also going LCC next year and I was just wondering what the first year of GMD is like and if you have any tips?

A question by musicalwishes

Thank you! That’s very sweet to say :) The first year was, for me at least, very challenging. I was often out of my comfort zone, and a lot is asked of you, but after the initial trauma of “oh my god I’m never going to be a good designer” wears off you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can develop when you put the time in. Be ready to make publications to tight specifications, a lot of the projects had limitations to test your creativity at how to get around problems, for example we had to design a book cover (awesome!) but the imagery HAD to be abstract (WHAT?!) and we got to design a fanzine (yay!) but it had to be reproduced in black and white on a photocopier (ughhhh) they want to see if you can still make beautiful and interesting work despite limitations set by a client or brief.

Overall though I’d just say the first year was one long, fun learning experience, be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them, take on every piece of feedback your tutor gives you (my tutor was an absolute genius, he’d pick out multiple errors just from glancing at a piece of work) ultimately you have to remember that the part that goes towards the actual degree is your third year dissertation and the final major project, so whats important at this point is taking in as much as possible and PASSING - don’t worry about getting the best grade, just try to improve on your last one, my studio grades for this year were c-, b-, b, its steady, but it’s progress! No one in my class got an A in the first project (this devastated me, a complete perfectionist)

Also try to read when you can and immerse yourself in graphic design, take notes of all the designer mentioned to you, go to exhibitions, this will seriously help you in the essay part of the course, contextual and theoretical studies, a lot of exhibitions do discounts for students!

I will also say, even thought he printing facilities at LCC are amazing, they do get incredibly crowded around deadlines, you often get queues leading out into the corridor and they wont be able to print your work for hours, maybe even days. My tutors encouraged me to outsource for my printing to avoid disappointment on the morning of the deadline and a late submission (which will be capped at a D) - I go to Hobbs Reprographics, it’s a 5/10 minute walk from Bond Street tube station and the print and paper quality is amazing, I’d trust them with anything, and they have a student discount (woo!) time management is crucial, they will be reminding you of this constantly!

Lastly I would say enjoy it, don’t lose your passion, even if you don’t like the brief, the point is that you make it your own and design what you want to design, look at examples of beautiful editorial design and be inspired! I saw a lot of my peers get bogged down in deadlines and research that I think they lost sight of why they were studying this course in the first place, because they have a love for the arts. Make things that excite you and that you’re proud of.

Sorry I rambled like crazy, I absolutely adore LCC I could talk about it for hours haha. I hope this helped!

Saucy Triangles

I have to be up for work in 4 hours but I just want to draw.

Cheeky Selfie

I wanted to take a break from stippling for a while to explore some other techniques. I found the work of heartbeatsclub endlessly inspiring, so I decided to break my felt tips out and try something similar, I am of course nowhere remotely near as gifted, but it’s refreshing to go outside my comfort zone.


Tomorrow morning I will be handing in my last three projects of my first year in Graphic and Media Design. There were many points in the last year where I genuinely considered leaving the course. The leap between Foundation and Degree is devastatingly large, and I dealt with a lot of feelings of self-doubt and fear over whether I am good enough to pursue art and design or if I should leave and start over with something more realistic. It’s pretty overwhelming when you have a passion you have always believed in, to suddenly realise that you aren’t as talented as you thought you were. What does that leave me with? I am always terrified for the future.

I am so proud of myself for sticking with it despite feeling absolutely miserable and defeated for about 40% of the year. I have learned so much, and my practice has developed so quickly in a few short months. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented and inspiring people I have ever met. My tutors have been hard on me, but the tough love has given me so much more than sugar coating it ever would. My peers and I support each other, and seeing their beautiful artworks is both exciting and motivational.

Above is a collection of works I’ve produced (both project based and personal) since I started my Degree. I can only hope the next year teaches me just as much.


Finally coming to the end of my branding project / first year. Today I finished assembling and photographing my packaging for my candy brand, Bonbon - now all that’s left is the pitch this Friday! Hoping to bribe my Tutor with sweets…

Jackalope for Dennis

My friend asked me to illustrate a Jackalope for him as he hopes to get one tattooed, this is my first attempt at any kind of tattoo design, so I don’t really know what I’m doing! I haven’t heard back from him yet so I have no idea if he’ll even use it…

Chilly Willy

My best friend asked if I could do a portrait of her gorgeous pup Chilly!

Sugar Skull

Took a day off today to hang out at home and have some me time. I put this line drawing into Adobe Illustrator and messed around with it a little, will post soon.

Type Iterations

Testing out type faces, still don’t know which one I like the most, maybe I need to try more out.